Get Started

Just like a cairn can help you find your way on an unmarked trail we're helping you find your way on your next family adventure!

Maybe you’re completely new to camping or maybe you’re an experienced traveler. Either way we’ve laid out exactly what you need to know to explore the outdoors with your family. 

  1. Be a Dreamer

    The first rock you lay down to build a cairn is always the biggest and most solid. It's the foundation for the rest of the stones that you'll place on top. Just like the bottom rock of a cairn, these first steps are the foundation to your adventure! Don't skip over these because even though they may seem trivial, they are the ground work to your adventure!

  2. Budget & Research

    With your foundation stone placed you can now pick your creation rock! This rock is simple and smooth. Finding the perfect destination for your budget and lifestyle will go smoothly when you break in down simply.

  3. Packing

    Your next rock is just as important as the rest. Without this stone your cairn won't have height or character. Being organized and well prepared means have greater time spent having fun and connecting.

  4. The Adventure

    Now it's time to get a little crazy! Find the funkiest, funnest, most outlandish rock you can and place it on the top of your cairn. It will stay firm because you've thoughtfully selected and placed the rocks underneath it. Your trip will be the funnest, most fabulous, adventure no matter when gets thrown at you because you've "stacked your rocks" well.