Our Top 5 Favorite Camp Spots

Okay so it was harder than we thought to pick only five. There are so many beautiful places out there and these don't even scratch the surface, of the crust, of amazing campgrounds. Keep in mind that your experience at a specific location can change dramatically depending on time of the year due to weather and high traffic times.

Avalanche Campground

Both Avalanche campground and Waterton campground are part of the Glacier National Park, but hours apart from each other and have dramatically different views. We loved Avalanche for it's central location, making it a popular and beautiful part of Glacier. This makes the campground rather busy and somewhat noisy but it's access to (in walking distance from your camp) family friendly trails makes up for it.

Views from the hike to Avalanche Lake. 

Waterton Townsite Campground

Waterton townsite campground is essentially camping in the town's grassy park, but the views are INCREDIBLE! The small town of Waterton is wonderfully charming and has access to countless family friendly hikes, boat tours, and off road trails. We should note that this campground is actually located in Canada so be prepared with the proper documentation to cross the border. 

Our family thought we had stumbled into a little piece of heaven when we arrived here and we immediately wished we had planned more nights in Waterton.

This is the actual view from the rocky beach at the Townside campground. 

The Doll House 

This campground is only accessible down a very rough and bumpy road in The Maze. That's probably what makes this location such a magical play place! You may not even see another soul while spending time at The Maze and that's exactly how we like it. We love this spot because of it's unique doll like rock towers which is, we're assuming, how it got it's name.

The Maze Overlook

Yes, another campground in the Maze because we love this place. Your experience camped at the maze overlook site will hold a completely different magic than The Doll House. Your tent is perched on the side of the twisting canyons of "the maze". This is not a good place for sleep walkers or those afraid of heights.

We give more details about visiting the remote backcountry of The Maze here. This section of Canyonlands National Park is certainly not for the faint in heart. 

The Uintah's High Mountain Lakes

Only 2 hours outside of Salt Lake City you can escape to countless mountain lakes with their mirror like surfaces. There are so many beautiful ones to choose from but we like the ones that are, of course, off the beaten path and require four wheel drive to get to. We love this as an option because it's so close to home yet you feel so far away from the busy structure of life. 

Wild Camping near Capitol Reef

This cottonwood tree oasis is something we stumbled on really. After finishing up a drive through the temples of Capitol Reef National park we stopped in the shade of a huge cottonwood tree. With the river nearby to wade in and the branches of the tree to climb on, this place became our children's dream playground.

You can find a spot like this just off of Highway 24 east of the Capitol Reef Visitor Center.

You ready to load up the car and head off on you own family adventure?! Be sure to check out our Get Started posts for all you need to know before you go!

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