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My family went camping A LOT growing up which is probably why I love it so much still! If I had to guess why my family went camping SO much, it's because camping is significantly cheaper than other forms of travel. After the initial investment of camping gear (which you can find ways to cut down costs on gear too) basically you're looking at the cost of groceries, gas, and campsite fees. Although campsites are cheaper than staying at a hotel, the nights can add up quick, especially if you're doing any kind of extended travel. This is where camping on BLM land comes in, to bring your overhead costs to practically nothing. Apart from saving a bit of cash on your road trip, BLM land is just a great option for getting away from the crowds and giving yourself a bit of space to breath!

What is BLM land anyway?

Well in short, it is the Bureau of Land Management' This land is set aside for a number of reasons and one of them being recreation (that includes camping just so you know). BLM land is found mostly in the Western Half of the US and accounts for 1/8th of the US's land. We call this type of camping 'wild camping' as there are typically no formal campsites or facilities.

Can I camp on all BLM land?

The basic answer is yes, although there are a few things to keep in mind. All BLM land is available for camping unless is otherwise posted. You are technically limited to 14 consecutive days and only traveling where a road has already been made. There are a few popular areas of BLM land that will charge a small fee of $5 or $10. 

What to expect when wild camping.

Camping on BLM land doesn't always mean no modern amenities. Some wild camping sites have as much as a fire ring, picnic table, and possibly a pit toilet. Others are simply just a pull out down a dirt road. Either way you'll need to being plenty of fresh water and trash bags to pack out all your garbage. 

An excellent resource for info on all things BLM land is the BLM government website. Who'd have thought? They even have suggested places to visit and info on whether or not a permit is needed for camping there. 

How we find a good place to wild camp.

It maybe sounds too simple but our favorite way to find a wild campsite is to pull up a satellite version of Google Maps. We look for dirt roads that look like they lead to a nice place to camp. Another good rule of thumb is to head towards the nearest body of water especially for a more scenic camping site.

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