Crystal Hot Springs

What's our favorite, affordable, activity to do outside during the Winter you say? Our family loves visiting hot springs during the Winter. We don't know if you know this but there are more than 7 hot springs within a 3-hour drive from Salt Lake City Utah! 

Crystal Hot Springs is one we visit often because it's only an hour and a half from where we live (so totally doable in one day), and they have some of the most fun waterslides we've ever been on! No really, we're not exaggerating at all! You can take your kids with you down the slides, they can wear floaties, and they are super twisty turny fun! 

To be honest, Crystal Hot Springs has not always been a favorite of ours. Although the water slides were fun, their changing rooms and pools were getting a little run down. We hadn't visited in years because it had started feeling dirty. Last Winter we gave it another shot and took a trip up there for Sage's birthday. Dude! They really have made huge changes to the place. They have a brand new facility for changing and showering and a new kiddy pool. We totally give this place a two thumbs up and recommend it for your family!

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