Baker Hot Springs

Who: All ages!

Where: Delta, Utah

Type: Day trip

When: Year round, but we went in the winter.

Baker Hot Springs is a tiny little natural wonder in the middle of nowhere Utah. It's a close enough drive from us that our family just took a little day trip from our home in Lehi. Most of the time you can't tell that there is a hot springs close by until your right on top of it and this holds true for Baker Hot Springs. As you drive down a dirt road though the barren nothing of Utah, you have to be sure to keep an eye out for steam rising from the brush. It's easy to pass by this place and since there is a system of pools and springs, it might take a few minutes to find the right spot.

To you, you may see this place as nothing glamorous. It's true that it's simple, just three concrete pools in the ground. To us, this place was an escape from the everyday, a warm place to soak our cold winter bones, and a place to make dreamy memories. I had read that this place is a "clothing optional" hot springs before we went. Actually, to be honest, that was one of the main reasons why we decided to go! Skinny dipping in a hot springs has been a bucket list item for me for years and I was in the mood to do something liberating! One of the main reasons why I haven't done this item before is because I obviously don't want to do it in front of people, yikes! You can imagine how excited I was when we pulled up and we had the place to ourselves!!

I honestly didn't even bother with a suit, I just jumped in willy nilly! The girls weren't so sure about not wearing their suits though which I thought was totally fine and didn't pressure them to. Eventually though, as they began to realize that we really were THE ONLY ONES THERE, they decided to join in the fun. You can play with the water temperature a bit by blocking off the warm water source or the cold water source. We made two pools different temperatures since Denali and I LOVE our water extra hot and the rest of the crew don't!

We probably won't be able to get away with something like this again as Denali gets older and it gets weirder for her. Maybe it's already weird for you but I've always wanted to teach my kids to be okay and comfortable with their bodies. We try to be really open in our conversations about our bodies and the birds and the bees. I'd rather be the one teaching them so I can make sure they know the truth about who they are and how they should be respected and respect themselves.

We stayed and soaked until we had all turned into prunes. Since we went in the middle of winter it was definitely a bit cold getting dressed and we did so VERY quickly. Right as we finished getting dressed someone pulled up to soak. Good timing! 

What to expect and what to bring.

Three simple concrete tubs that you can control the temperature of. 

If i'm not mistaken, I believe this is private property but the owners allow you to soak on it. Be respectful of their property so that we all can continue soaking here.

If its just rained or you go in the winter, it's likely to be a muddy walk from your car to the water so come prepared for that.

In addition to the three tubs there are a few "pools" that people have build from rocks near by. We did not soak in these so I have no idea what their temperature is.

Bring your swim suit (or not), some towels, water,  and some snacks! I'd also suggest bringing a couple bags, one for you wet suits and one for your trash. You could even take a few minutes to pick up any addition trash you find lying around. 

Be sure not to touch the hot water! The water that is coming straight out of the ground is extremely hot and will burn you!


Baker Hot Springs is located 16 miles west of the Intermountain Power Plant near Delta. Turn towards the Intermountain Power Plant (HWY174) from US-6 just south of Lynndyl, Utah. Head west 16 to 18 miles. Turn right onto the next dirt road you come to (it's the only road to the right that has a stop sign, 16 to 18 miles west of US-6) and follow that road 7 miles. Watch for the willows off the right side of the road.

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