Education and Fun! National Park’s Jr Ranger Program!

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We’ve been going to National Parks since we were in our mama’s belly and it wasn’t until recently that we were educated about the Jr Ranger Program that you can do at almost every Nation Park or Monument. These programs are for ages 3-13 (and are secret very fun for adults too) and take your […]

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Camping Beauty Tips

Looking on pointwhile rough'n it

Just because you’re rough’n it doesn’t mean you have to look like it! A lot of hang ups with camping have to do with the whole not-showering thing.  We’ve found some ways that help us feel fresh and look cute.   *All Amazon links are affiliate links. Thanks → Facial Wipes  Even if you can’t […]

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Eating Healthy in the Outdoors


You guys have been asking for yummy camping recipes so I thought we should hear from the expert! We can all bring hot dogs and roast them over the campfire (admittedly this is a favorite of mine) but what happens after day 2 of hot dogs over the fire? Sarah gives us so truly excellent […]

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A Four Corners and Southwestern Colorado Itinerary

four cornersmesa verdeouray

We take a big family camping trip every year with our extended family.  That is, with our parents, brothers, sister in laws, and all our kids.  This year, we headed to the southeastern part of Utah and the Southwestern part of Colorado.  It was a repeat visit for some of us to some areas, but […]

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Travel Nurse, Travel Family


Ashley here, with some exciting, scary, new, and crazy news! For a while now, I’ve read blogs and other internet writings of families who do the seemingly impossible.  I’m talking about people who pack up their family and go on extended travel.  As in, for a year or more.   Oh the envy!  I want to do […]

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Mt Timpanogos Weekend Getaway

Mt. Timpanogos (1)

Meet Taylor, Josh and their adorable kiddos. Taylor and Josh loved to camp before having kids and would head out of town every weekend. They told me that since they had their first kiddo, they have been nervous to go camping and hadn’t been since. They said, “It’s like we’ve lost a part of ourselves”. […]

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3 Southern Utah Swimming Holes


Summer is coming, and that means so is the heat!  We were just in southern Utah, in Washington County, and it seems the summer has already arrived down there.  It’s always hotter there, though, close to the Arizona border.  So if you’re ever in the area, and need to cool down, we’ve got some spots […]

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Making a Travel Video to Share With Family and Friends

Picture of taking a picture

You’re done with your vacation and it seems like it was all an epic blast!  You’re pumped about all the great things you did and the beautiful places you visited.  You want to tell all your friends!  Share those pictures, right?   But does anyone really care about how fabulous your trip was?  Do you really […]

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Camping with Kids – Baby Edition


A lot of new parents are intimidated by the idea of camping with their baby.  We were!  We quickly learned camping with a baby can actually be one of the easiest times to camp with your new family. Babies sleep most of the time in the car so you don’t have to worry about entertaining […]

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Hiking with Kids–Our Best Tips and Tricks


We’ve been hiking since we were kids.  Naturally, we didn’t see a reason to stop once we were grown with kids of our own.   We learned from some crazy hiking adventures as kids how to push through to accomplish a goal, and how to enjoy yourself along the way.  Hiking with kids isn’t always […]

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Hiking with Kids–Picking A Trail


So you’re thinking of taking your kids hiking, but you don’t know where to start.  Maybe you’ve been hiking a lot yourself, but haven’t been brave enough to haul the kids yet?  Maybe you’re an absolute beginner to getting out there at all.  Whatever your scenario, welcome!       Taking our kids hiking is […]

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Trail Fuel: Museli


I once had a co-worker tell me, “food is fuel”.  Its been something that has stuck with me.  Because it’s true, what you put into your body changes what you get out of it.  Now are we perfect at this?  Never, but luckily, if you’re good to yourself 80% of the time, and indulge the […]

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How Having a “Girl Party” Changed Our Outlook


Happy International Women’s Day!  To sort of celebrate, we thought we’d share about our “Girl Party” we had last month. The idea was first Laura’s but she quickly got her sister and a bestie involved in planning it.  It was kind of a crazy idea that ended up being one of the best things ever! […]

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Celebrating Easter While Camping in The Maze


    Hey friends! We love all the fun traditions during Easter like coloring eggs and having an egg hunt in the morning. We especially love to do all of that while camping.  We have been camping on Easter weekend more than we have stayed home. Our parents used to take us as kids and now […]

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Utah Spring Break Destinations


March means that Spring Break is coming!  The kids will be out of school for a whole week (usually)!  What are you going to do?  Where can you go?  We’ve got a few ideas to keep it local.  Most of them of the outdoor camping variety–what can we say, it’s our thing! Canyonlands National Park […]

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5 Reasons a Staycation Might be a Perfect Babymoon for You


Hey there! You’re here to get some ideas for your babymoon. My husband and I had our “babymoon” last weekend. It also happened to be Valentines Day weekend which is not ideal for finding cheap hotel prices. We were just going to stay local anyway so we decided to save a bit of money and have […]

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Loveland Living Planet Aquarium: Our Favorite Membership


All over our Utah County/Salt Lake County locale, there are plenty of places to have a membership or a season pass to.  We’ve had several different ones, but our favorite pass by far is the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium.  It isn’t that it’s a particularly amazing aquarium, though it is a really good one.  Or […]

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5 Great Pregnancy Workouts on YouTube


HELLO THERE! We’re in the middle of our wellness challenge which includes 40 minutes of exercise 6x a week. I want to share with you the best pregnancy workouts I have found on YouTube. There are tons of workouts on YouTube but not all are created equal. I’m 34 weeks pregnant and have been doing […]

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Wellness Challenge

Little Wild Horse Canyon

Did you know that only 64% of Americans keep working on their new years resolutions past one month? Well folks, it’s February and how many of you have already given up or completely forgotten your resolutions?  If your goals consist of getting out of debt or to stop yelling at your kids then we probably […]

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6 Months with Crayons and Cairns! How are we doing?!


We just hit our 6 months mark of our existence here at Crayons and Cairns. We want to know from you how we’re doing and what you want more of! Please leave us a comment with your thoughts and insight about our site!                          […]

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